Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS
Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance.

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Hi, I’m Coach Craig! My team and I offer  Financial Planning, Estate Planning Strategies, Life Insurance, Investment Management, and more. So contact your financial coach today and get a GamePlan that works for you. “Ready Break” 


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GamePlan Financial

Like in any sports organization, good financial practices must be followed to achieve the goal. At GamePlan Financial, we are not just your coaches. We are also your mentors in the financial aspect of your life.

Whether you need investment management services, estate planning strategies, life insurance, or long-term care insurance, we can help! We are a team and our goal is for you to enjoy your hard-earned money.

Financial Service You Can Trust

We want to provide excellent service to every policyholder and make your life easier when it comes to your claims. We are an accredited business known for our financial strength.

Our Financial Services

Financial Planning Services

Our financial advisors can create a personalized financial plan suited to your goals and needs. When you work with us, we allow you to be the leader in planning your long-term financial betterment. GamePlan Financial is the best company for your financial needs.

Estate Planning Strategies

Though creating an estate plan can be overwhelming, a dedicated advisor from our team will help you implement your plan and make sure that it will survive anything that life throws at you. You’ve worked hard for your assets and properties.

Investment Management Services

Our team at GamePlan Financial can create custom investment strategies because we believe one size doesn’t fit all. Benefit from personalized investment management that considers your investment time horizon, attitude to take the risk, and the returns you require.

Life Insurance Services

When it comes to life insurance plans in Kansas City, GamePlan Financial provides personalized insurance solutions for your needs. We have trusted advisors for thousands of individuals and businesses.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care is all about having help to do basic things, such as getting dressed, driving to appointments, or making meals. At GamePlan Financial, we can find ways to plan to address several risks and find ways to help you benefit whether you end up needing help or not.

Business Investment Management Services

As a business owner, decision-making is very important. However, running a business is also a difficult job. So how can you find the right financial strategies to simplify your life and work and meet your daily financial needs?

“Let’s plan for your future – call us today!”

Your Trusted Financial Planning Company in Topeka, Kansas

Our team is here to help with workplace retirement plans and cash management solutions. Aside from investment products and services, we help business owners build comprehensive financial strategies for their personal and professional goals. Whether you want to protect and grow your business, or plan for your exit strategy, we are here to help.

Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS
Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS

Why Choose GamePlan Financial

Benefit from our financial experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should trust us for your long-term care insurance policy.

Read on to know why our customers choose us for their financial planning needs!

Our Customer Reviews

“Choosing GamePlan Financial for my financial planning was one of the best things I have done. The level of expertise, attention to detail, and knowledge of the industry they have shown have given me a great feeling of reassurance. I’ll definitely recommend them!”

Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS

“At first I was afraid when I hear the word ‘Life Insurance’, but GamePlan Financial made it easy for me to understand! I got the best plan suitable for my needs and budget. I will definitely choose them again in the future!”

Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS

“My husband and I chose GamePlan Financial for our long-term care insurance planning. We don’t want to be a burden to our children someday so we made sure to plan ahead. Thank you for the detailed explanation you gave us! We now have the peace of mind knowing we can live comfortably when we grow old.”

Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance. Coach Craig Financial Company Topeka KS

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers about financial planning.

Financial planning is the process of meeting your goals in life through proper wealth management. It helps you make advance provisions for your financial needs that will arise in the future. The goal of financial planning is to ensure that the right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right time in the future to achieve your life’s goals.

A financial planner is a professional who uses financial planning to help you determine how to meet your life goals. The primary function of a financial planner is to help people identify their financial planning needs, their present priorities, and the financial products and services to help meet your needs

No. Investments are not guaranteed since they carry a certain amount of risk. All investments may lose money, including the possible loss of principal. That being said, our financial advisors will work closely with you to build real diversification into your portfolio.

A financial planner works for you. His or her loyalty should be to the client and not the product he or she is trying to sell. 

At GamePlan Financial, we firmly believe that being independent is the best way to give clients objective advice. We do not have limitations or requirements to use certain investment products or solutions. This allows us to create customized financial plans designed for our clients.

Consider your visit with a doctor. Without complete and fully accurate details, your doctor cannot prescribe the best medical solution for you. The same applies to financial planning, if you want to get the best service for your “financial health,” all details and specifics must be disclosed.

Evaluating your insurance needs is part of financial planning. Insurance takes care of your unpredictable needs, and because these needs can arise at any time, insurance is vital. Investments take care of your predictable needs and ideally should follow after your unpredictable needs are addressed.

The answer depends on many factors such as your age, circumstances, goals, and values. If saving isn’t your habit, the important thing is to get started at a manageable level and then strive to increase that level whenever possible. Always make sure you are contributing enough to receive any company-matching contributions to retirement plans.

You need to stay actively involved in your financial plan. achieving your financial plan is like a sports team approach. Your financial advisor is like your coach or manager. They execute your investment strategy. 

You have a choice to implement the recommendations in your
financial plan on your own, with your Financial Planner or
through another financial services professional. If you choose to
implement your plan with your Financial Planner, he or she may sell
other services and products to you in his or her capacities
as (i) an investment adviser representative ("Advisory Representative"),
(ii) registered representative of Pruco Securities, LLC, and/or (iii)
a licensed insurance agent of Prudential (collectively "Prudential Representative".)

Moreover, communication and following up with your planner will help you adjust your roadmap to maintain the lifestyle you choose

Financial planning covers all aspects of a person’s financial well-being. It includes savings, retirement, investments and college savings plans, insurance coverage, and estate planning. In contrast, retirement planning covers only investments made for retirement.

Asset allocation is the diversity of your entire savings and investment portfolio across asset classes. Stocks, bonds, cash, and real estate, are some examples of asset classes.

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Practice Starts Now!

Coach Craig Says practice starts now. Browse our video resources of financial services and let coach know what areas he can help you in. And please reach out with any questions. “Whistle Blow” ready break!






Financial Services Topeka, KS Investment, life insurance.

Our Promise

When you choose us for your financial planning needs, it’s like working with a group of professional coaches who’ll give you the best move in your play. We have certified financial planners equipped to handle your finances to help you attain economic freedom.

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If you are interested in creating holistic financial planning for you, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule a no-obligation, initial consultation with us. Call us today to learn more about our financial planning services.

GamePlan Financial proudly serves all families and individuals in Lawrence, Kansas, and the surrounding areas

Disclosure & Licenses

Craig Friedrichsen offers financial planning and Rusty Ullery offers investment advisory services and programs through Pruco Securities, LLC (Pruco)(Member SIPC), under the marketing name Prudential Financial Planning Services [PFPS], pursuant to a separate client agreement. Offering insurance and securities products and services as a registered representative of Pruco, and an agent of issuing insurance companies.

GamePlan Financial is not affiliated with The Prudential Insurance Company of America and its affiliates, including Pruco. Other products and services may be offered through a non-Prudential entity. 1-800-778-2255.

GamePlan Financial and its representatives do not render tax or legal advice. Please consult with your own advisors regarding your particular situation.

Check the background of your financial professional on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.


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