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At GamePlan Financial, we help individuals and businesses improve their financial wellness through life and long-term care insurance, retirement services, financial planning, and investment services. We help you get the most out of life, by making healthcare affordable and accessible, and by promoting financial education.

We proudly serve Topeka, Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, Emporia, Kansas, Kansas City, and other surrounding areas. Our mission is to help you plan the financial future you deserve. We are one of the best prudential companies in Kansas City trusted by many individuals and businesses.

We take pride in providing comprehensive financial strategies. If you are planning for financial comfort, planning for the unexpected, or planning your legacy, we are here to help. We will help you achieve your financial goals based on your lifestyle and budget. 

Our Clients

We enjoy working with people from all walks of life, but we are best at helping clients who are in the following situations:

Young Professionals

Your career has just started and you want to focus on how to use your financial resources wisely.

Mid-Career Professionals

If you see retirement 10 years or more away and you are starting to focus on the next phase of your life before retirement, we can help you.

Pre-Retirees or Newly Retired

You have plans to retire in less than 10 years or have recently retired and you want to focus on how you will live in retirement.

Our Services at GamePlan Financial

GamePlan Financial proudly offers the following services:

Financial Planning Services

Our financial advisors can create a personalized financial plan suited to your goals and needs. When you work with us, we allow you to be the leader in planning your long-term financial betterment. GamePlan Financial is the best company for your financial needs.

We can advise you on how to maximize your income, monitor spending, create a budget, save for the future, look at your insurance options, and transform your financial world. Our team can help you manage your cash flow, file your taxes, create an estate plan, make smart investments, and take that vacation you’ve always wanted to do. 

Estate Planning Services

At GamePlan Financial, our estate planning services include facilitating and putting in place all of the structure and legal documents required to protect your estate against probate, legal expenses, and taxation. It also includes your wishes and designating who will carry them out. We work with a network of lawyers in Kansas City to create all the legal documents you need.

Our team understands the difference between wills and trusts. If you have proper estate planning, you can outline your healthcare wishes and ensure they’re carried out even if you are unable to communicate. You can also designate someone you trust to manage your financial affairs if the time comes, you’d be unable to do so.

Investment Management Services

Our team at GamePlan Financial can create custom investment strategies because we believe one size doesn’t fit all. Benefit from personalized investment management that considers your investment time horizon, attitude to take the risk, and the returns you require.

We have access to a wide array of financial products ranging from traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to alternative investments and insurance products. We provide our clients with diversification not only of asset classes but also management styles.

Life Insurance Services 

When it comes to life insurance plans in Kansas City, GamePlan Financial provides personalized insurance solutions for your needs. We have trusted advisors for thousands of individuals and businesses. 

At GamePlan Financial, we put our clients’ best interests first. We serve them by educating them on our products and services that are appropriate for their needs. We maintain long-term and personal relationships built on trust and confidentiality.

We provide our clients with the comfort of knowing they have a life insurance policy that can help protect their families and loved ones. We offer the best life insurance policies in Kansas City.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care is all about having help to do basic things, such as getting dressed, driving to appointments, or making meals. At GamePlan Financial, we can find ways to plan to address several risks and find ways to help you benefit whether you end up needing help or not.

Business Investment Management Services

As a business owner, decision-making is very important. However, running a business is also a difficult job. So how can you find the right financial strategies to simplify your life and work and meet your daily financial needs? 

Our team is here to help with workplace retirement plans and cash management solutions. Aside from investment products and services, we help business owners build comprehensive financial strategies for their personal and professional goals. Whether you want to protect and grow your business, or plan for your exit strategy, we are here to help.

Why Choose GamePlan Financial

Benefit from our financial expertise. Here are some of the reasons why you should trust us for your long-term care insurance policy.

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GamePlan Financial proudly serves all families and individuals in Topeka, Kansas City, and the surrounding areas.